Efficient, practical approach to small scale land development

Milanovic Neale has helped clients complete more than 150 land development projects over the past decade in south east Queensland. With staff who have undertaken their own small scale development, we understand the commercial imperatives that drive the development industry. Our practical approach seeks a compliant solution to the engineering requirements of your project.

Milanovic Neale Consulting Engineers works with Brisbane City Council accredited RiskSmart and SealSmart consultants to accelerate our project’s completion.

Services we provide include:
• Site review and due diligence investigations
• Lawful Point of Discharge investigations
• Engineering code compliance investigations and reports
• Site Based Stormwater Management Plans
        • Stormwater Quality design via the use of various ‘stormwater quality improvement devices’ (SQIDs).
        • Stormwater Quantity design including sizing and specification of detention systems
• Flooding and overland flow Investigations
• Detailed design and documentation of civil works (Operational Works)
        • Bulk earthworks
        • Erosion and sediment control
        • Stormwater drainage
        • Road works
        • Sewerage and water
• Liaison with Local Authorities for design requirements and approvals
• Construction phase compliance inspections and certification
• Post Construction inspection and compliance
• Third party design optimisation checks

Milanovic Neale Consulting Engineers