Project Management

Bring our accumulated construction experience and expertise to your project team.

Our project management team consists of engineers as well as experienced and qualified project managers and contract administrators. It is our variety of development and project management experience that gives us the tools to become an integrated part of your development team.

We specialise in client sided project management services through the entire project life cycle, in addition to providing superintendent services during construction phase.
Our range of service include:
• Site Analysis, Concept Design and Feasibility Studies
• Design Development and Project Approvals
• Tender Management
• Construction & Commissioning

Our team can assist with initial project scoping and feasibility studies. We firmly believe that the foundations for a successful project are laid with the correct initial project brief and a clearly defined scope.

Our project managers are available to assist through the design and approval phase. We offer complex problem solving and team management in dynamic situations by utilising our skills in project and business management. We offer a performance orientated approach to projects we manage, and our clients as well as project teams appreciate our thorough and detailed approach to development management. This assists in achieving project outcomes in a timely and efficient manner.

With a variety of experience in construction projects, our team has the necessary skills and expertise to assist with the construction and commissioning of projects up to $50M in value.




A selection of project management projects completed by our team or currently underway include:

Mining Accommodation Village, Chinchilla
• Site redesign for 100 module mining camp upgrade.

New Administration Facility, Private Primary School, Murrumba Downs
• Management of design and delivery of multistorey Administration facility for large primary school

Student Accommodation, St Lucia University Precinct
• Management of design and delivery of over 150 new and refurbished student accommodation rooms

in an active education environment

Potential Multiunit Residential Facility, Auchenflower
• Provide feasibility and strategic asset management advice regarding development alternatives for a

large potential development site for established institutional landowner

  • Site Analysis & Feasibility Studies

    The foundations for a successful project are laid with a clear project brief.
    We apply our industry knowledge to assist with feasibility investigations and forming a project brief. Our aim is to understand the desired outcomes of your project as well as understanding the relevant constraints, budget and timeframes important to the success of the project.

    Our professional staff have the capability to analyse varied project opportunities and provide an understandable overview of the strength and weakness of each proposal.

    Only once the project parameters are clearly understood can an appropriate project brief be provided to consultants for preparation of a comprehensive design package.

  • Design Development & Project Approvals

    Our experience adds to your project value management.
    Critical to this process is the confirmation of roles and responsibilities of the project team. Various professionals may be required to successfully complete your project, including, but not limited to:
    • Project Manager
    • Architect
    • Quantity Surveyor
    • Town Planner
    • Structural Engineer
    • Civil Engineer
    • Landscape Architect
    • Acoustic Engineer
    • Traffic Engineer

    We have the capacity and industry knowledge to assist in forming and commissioning the appropriate consulting team.

    As design progresses, continual review of the project design progress is critical. We drive this process by chairing design team meetings to focus on key issues such as:
    • overall building design, functionality and flexibility
    • development approval processes
    • achievement of client’s operational objectives
    • integration into the site and infrastructure – existing and future development
    • compatibility with budget and other BER and BGA requirements
    • budget and value management review

    It is also critical that the client is kept informed of the project progress. Client team review meetings are held to:
    • confirm design meets business plan objectives, seek feedback on options
    • confirmation of Scope of Works and additions or omissions
    • review of construction methodology to seek opportunities for increased efficiency
    • review of variations, delays and requests for information

    With a detailed understanding of the various development approvals required for each project, we can assist in planning a way through the approval mine field.

  • Tender Management

    We can assist your project with our thorough contract administration process from tender to practical completion.
    Identification and prequalification of potential contractors is critical in finding the right contractor for your project. Milanovic Neale Consulting Engineers assist with confirm of capacity, resources and commitment to program.

    Appropriate contract management is important to the success of any project. This process starts with initiating a correct and thorough tender process. Our staff can lend their experience to:
    • Review of tender documents, drawings and specifications
    • Pre-tender budget review
    • Preparation and issue of tender documentation
    • Management of tender process
           • Site visits, dealing with queries, clarifications
    • Review and analysis of tenders
           • Deal with any non-conforming conditions
    • Provision of tender report to Client Team
    • Assist in appointment of Contractor
    • Draw up Contract and supervise signing process

    Health and safety management throughout the project is also critical. This is managed through confirmation of Risk Management Plan requirements to promote safety and security during “business as usual” operations.

  • Construction & Commissioning

    Our technical experience informs our construction management process.
    Appropriate contract management is important to the success of your project. Our project management staff actively direct this process. A pre-construction meeting with the Architect, Design Consultants, Client Team and Contractor, covering:
    • Agreement of and commitment to site specific Safety Plan and

    Induction Procedures for all personnel and site visitors

    • Confirmation of and commitment to Project Program, client’s “ business as usual”

    and communication processes and procedures

    • Confirmation of Scope of Works and any additions or omissions
    • Review of construction methodology to seek opportunities for increased efficiency

    During the construction program, our experienced team of contract administrators assess and action responses to:
    • Claims for variations
    • Claims for extension of time
    • Requests for information
    • Progress payment claims and certification of payments

    The construction process is actively managed by chairing ongoing Site Progress Meetings to monitor progress against program and financial status. This allows compilation and tracking of construction issues and resolutions via site meeting notes. Regular reports to the Client Team are provided including:
    • Facilitating Monthly Financial Reports
           • Related to Contractor’s Progress Claims
    • Proactive identification of design or construction issues that may potentially cause

    delay or additional cost

           • Work with the design team and contractor to achieve added value solution for

    benefit of client

    • Notice and resolution of variation
    • Contractor requests for information and extension of time claims

    As construction works near completion, we provide coordination of inspection and certification processes required for Practical Completion. These works may include:
    • Oversee compilation of defects list and rectification process
    • Confirm issue of “As Built” Drawings and Maintenance Manuals
    • Progress Contractor’s Final Account and issue of Final Certificate
    • Monitor any defects reported during Defects Liability Period

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